What is the EU battery regulation about?

In very short:

  • From February 18, 2027, EV*- and LMT**-batteries and industrial batteries with a capacity >2 kWh must be electronically registered with a battery passport.
    *EV: electric vehicles (batteries for cars) | ** LMT: light means of transport (batteries for e-bikes, e-scooter and similar)
  • The manufacturer or importer is responsible for ensuring that the battery passport is implemented properly.
  • The passport must contain specific information about the batteries, but also about the ESG requirements, and provide battery handling instructions for both second/third use and recycling.


“EU rules on batteries aim to make batteries sustainable throughout their entire life cycle – from the sourcing of materials to their collection, recycling and repurposing. In the current energy context, the new rules promote the development of a competitive sustainable battery industry, which will support Europe’s clean energy transition and independence from fuel imports.”


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