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Peter Krummenacher & Tobias Winter (Photo: Nicole Lagger)

Peter Krummenacher and Tobias Winter joined forces in 2023 and founded BloqSens AG. Peter Krummenacher, an experienced entrepreneur from the IT and sensor technology sector, and Tobias Winter, a historian holding a doctorate with an exceptionally high affinity for IT, shared a vision: to develop an energy-efficient platform for data storage that not only meets today’s requirements, but also exceeds them many times over in terms of security.    

Both founders can draw on their extensive expertise in the implementation of complex web platform projects. The decision to integrate a resource-saving distributed ledger technology (DLT) was an important step in ensuring the platform’s security against forgery and manipulation. This enabled BloqSens AG to improve the scalability and efficiency of its solution as well as create a resource-saving environment.  

The BloqSens team has extensive expertise in the areas of IoT/sensor data, DLT solutions and data processing and analysis – including the use of artificial intelligence where appropriate. The team is expanded on a project-by-project basis with experts who contribute outstanding knowledge in the required technologies. The entire team works together to develop innovative solutions that meet customer requirements and at the same time further enhance the security and efficiency of the platform.  

Digital product passports can particularly benefit from these approaches. In a current project, an EU-compliant, scalable and therefore universally usable digital battery passport is being implemented. The project is exploring which functions and features can be implemented in addition to the mandatory ones in order to increase the benefits of the platform and this battery-specific product passport. Networking, exchange and knowledge transfer from and with Swiss SMEs from the battery industry are essential for this. 

Experience & Expertise



>20 years of expertise in the implementation of complex web/platform/database/API projects.
Ensuring the utmost security for your IoT data with tamper-proof processing by notarizing with Blockchain technology.



>10 years of experience in smart metering business.
Developing smart IoT hardware and intelligent data processing software integrating AI approaches with our partner network. 



Optimizing your system solutions that elevate data security and fortify defenses against manipulation. Offering feasibility studies, proofs of concepts (PoC) and minimum viable products (MVP). 



Our dynamic team boasts exceptional proficiencies in IoT, intelligent data processing and blockchain solutions.
We look forward to developing your tailor-made solution.

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