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Ensuring the utmost security for your IoT data with tamper-proof processing by notarizing with Blockchain technology.

We accompany the entire processing flow of your IoT/sensor data and offer the right solution for every step:

sensing / collecting data

transmitting data

processing data

visualizing data

analyzing data

securing data

Blockchain Technology

By leveraging decentralized and immutable data structures, blockchain enhances data security, transparency, and integrity, while also promoting trust among participants.

Step 1
We begin by connecting the required data to our system.

We seamlessly integrate your sensors or extract sensor data from your existing system through API integration.
Step 2
The received sensor data is processed in our system.

Gain real-time access for analysis and further processing, including advanced data analytics using artificial intelligence (AI).

For blockchain validation, we create custom data packages, containing data from individual or multiple sensors within defined time periods.
Step 3
Our backend generates data hashes and anchors them via notarizer software as immutable entries on blockchain.

These records are permanently available, complete with their timestamp and blockchain metadata.

These hashes are in turn returned to our system and also stored there for evidence purposes.
Achieve irrefutable proof of your data's integrity.

Our platform empowers you to effortlessly generate certificates, providing undeniable evidence that your data has remained unaltered since its entry into the database. Data integrity is ensured if the hash values in the blockchain are congruent with those in the database.

Discrepancy between the data sets proofs (conscious or unconscious) manipulation. Data restoration to its original state will be facilitated.
Proof your stakeholders that the data from your IoT devices has not been tampered since it was collected.

Any attempt at manipulation can be clearly proven. The original data can be restored at any time.

Measurement data not only cannot be manipulated, but also cannot be removed. The correct order of data series along the time axis remains 100% traceable.

All data can be accessed at any time in order to evaluate it (analytics, visualization, forwarding to external systems via API).
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Optimizing your system solutions that elevate data security and fortify defenses against manipulation.

Offering feasibility studies, proofs of concepts (PoC) and minimum viable products (MVP). 

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    Why is it important that IoT data is stored tamper-proof?

    Storing IoT data in a tamper-proof manner is crucial for several reasons, like integrity, authenticity, resilience, trust and compliance, which are vital components for the successful and safe deployment of IoT technologies in various domains.

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    Data integrity is guaranteed when sensitive data remains intact and complete. Tamper-proof storage of IoT data ensures its integrity, preserving its accuracy and reliability for extensive analysis and informed decision-making.

    In the case of your IoT data, authenticity means that it can be assigned to its origin, i.e. the sensor or the measuring point, at any time. The use of the blockchain results in tamper-proof mechanisms that prevent unauthorized changes being made to the data. This ensures the authenticity and trustworthiness of your measurement data.

    Data manipulation by both malicious actors and accidental internal errors is prevented, thus strengthening the resilience and reliability of your systems.

    Immutable data foster trust among stakeholders: Tamper-proof data storage instills confidence in customers, partners, and investors. You can focus on your core business and innovations.

    Data immutability enables organizations to comply with regulatory requirements and maintain a clear audit trail for accountability purposes.

    What are the benefits of Blockchain technology in your solution?

    By leveraging decentralized and immutable data structures, blockchain enhances data security, transparency, and integrity, while also promoting trust among participants.

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    Unlike traditional centralized databases, blockchain operates on a decentralized network of nodes, removing the need for a single point of control. This design distributes data across multiple nodes, making it more resilient against hacking attempts or single points of failure.

    Data stored on the blockchain is cryptographically secured, forming an unchangeable and transparent ledger. Once data is added to the blockchain, it becomes practically impossible to alter past records without the consensus of the network, ensuring data integrity.

    Blockchain uses advanced encryption techniques to secure data, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and identity theft. Each transaction is verified and agreed upon by the network, preventing fraudulent activities.

    The distributed nature of blockchain allows all participants to access and view the same data in real-time. This transparency enhances trust and allows for efficient auditing processes, promoting accountability and reducing the chances of corruption.

    Blockchain’s decentralized nature ensures that there is no central point of failure, making it more resistant to DDoS attacks and other malicious attempts to compromise the system.

    Blockchain’s consensus mechanisms instill exceptional trust and authenticity in data handling.

    Participants can confidently rely on data integrity and verify its origin, fostering unparalleled trust in interactions.

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