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Customers from a wide variety of industries can benefit from our services and solutions. Get an overview of possible use cases.

Use cases of different industries


Logistics &
Supply Chain

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Imagine a scenario where the cold chain must be maintained during perishable goods transportation. To ensure this, you monitor cooling boxes with temperature loggers.

However, a customer claims to have received spoiled goods despite the temperature logger data showing consistent cold chain maintenance.

To address such situations, our solution comes into play: By validating the data through the blockchain, you can guarantee the integrity of your sensor data, providing undeniable proof of no manipulation. This validation is supported by a verifiable certificate.


Energy Sector /
Renewable Energies

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In the renewable energy industry, sensor data validation through blockchain technology can significantly enhance the efficiency and transparency of energy generation and distribution.

By deploying IoT sensors on renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines, real-time data on energy production and environmental conditions can be collected. This data is then securely recorded on the blockchain, creating an immutable and auditable record of energy generation.

Through validated sensor data, energy providers can optimize their operations, ensure accurate billing, and even enable peer-to-peer energy trading, fostering a decentralized and sustainable energy ecosystem.


Industry 4.0 &
Smart Factories

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By integrating IoT sensors into machinery and equipment, real-time data on production metrics and machine health can be gathered.

Ensuring data integrity and preventing unauthorized tampering becomes crucial in this process.

Manufacturers can leverage validated sensor data to optimize production schedules, predict maintenance needs, and enhance overall efficiency. This use case holds the potential for increased productivity, reduced downtime, and streamlined operations in the Industry 4.0 landscape.


Health Care

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In healthcare, blockchain-based sensor data validation enhances data reliability and trustworthiness from diverse medical devices and sensors.

Integrating sensors with a blockchain network ensures secure and transparent data recording. The decentralized nature of blockchain maintains data integrity and authenticity, empowering healthcare providers to make informed decisions based on real-time, validated sensor data.

Proving data integrity is facilitated by our solution through certificates.



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In the insurance industry, blockchain-based sensor data validation revolutionizes claims processing and risk assessment.

IoT sensors in vehicles, homes, or wearable devices enable insurers to gather real-time data on driving behavior, property conditions, or policyholders’ health.

Securely stored and validated on the blockchain, this data ensures integrity and deters fraudulent claims. With accurate and trustworthy sensor data, insurers can offer personalized policies, fairer premiums, and faster claims processing, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction and enhanced risk management.


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