What are the main challenges in the development of the battery passport and the required systems and why should special attention be paid to them?

Some of the main challenges are:

  • Selecting suitable data carriers and unique identifiers. It must be ensured that static elements such as QR codes always lead users to the latest battery pass information. It must also be possible to clearly assign the information to a specific battery (via unique identifiers, UIDs) without creating duplicate entries or battery passports. This is the only way to ensure data integrity and traceability.
  • Routing in decentralized/distributed systems: Sometimes the data of a single battery pass originates from different systems of different access points. It is therefore necessary for flexible routing to bring together the correct data and to be able to display complete data records even if one of the actors involved should fail. It is essential that the various access points can refer to common standards, norms and data formats and actively implement them. This also applies to data from the supply chain, which must be seamlessly integrated.
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